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A BALANCE is a trademark that aims at a mutch wider range of customers than people would expect.

Gaiety and solemn elegance couples up in harmony with the most extreme pieces of clothing.
You may find the proper clothing for a business meeting, a romantic dinner or a frenetic party with BALANCE.

BALANCE is present in Hungary since 2000. Its main clientele is the group of men between 18-45 years of
age, who prefer buying quality and trendy clothing rather than simply a tie-on-label.

BALANCE follows three main fashion streams:
ELEGANT: Customers are eagerly looking for extra ordenary and special clothing, shirts with hip pattern:
such clothes than are available at BALANCE in great variety at the best price-value rato. This season's
blockbusters shall be the renewed suit and jacket collection, as they are tailored using unique textile and are made with special pattern. Regular suits are available as well as slim-fit short jackets.

JEANS: Quality jeans with affordable prices asr in the center of the autumn-winter collection, following the newest trends while paying attention to the ones preferring conservative pieces of clothing.

CASUAL : Regular, comfortable everyday clothing that is made of 100% cotton. They are for the ones looking for sporty and loose clothes in beautiful colors.

According to independent surveys BALANCE is in the top 10 well-know trademarks in Hungary.
FACEBOOK It has 74,000 fans (facebook/balanceofficial)
Why is it worth joining the BALANCE network?
-We offer 25%discount from the first purchase gross price and a marketing package containing placards and lettering.
-We guarantee field exclusivity.
-High profit margins are viable.
-No pre-prder is required.

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